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Barnes sudden

Le 22 November 2017, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0

Barnes sudden, Hendrick behind, Brady and Goodmundsson wings fly together, Coker and Defoe take the midfield. In Swansea, Jordan-Ayou, Abraham and Dale hit three arrows. The first 29 minutes, Cork direct pass, Barnes sub-edge, Brady left plug in the middle, Cork beautiful header before the door, Burnley home 1-0 lead. The first 40 minutes, Hendrick pass, Barnes restricted area right-foot burst shot on the right line, the score becomes 2-0! Burnley eventually defeated Swansea 2-0 at home to get 3 points, Swansea tragedy four league losing streak. Sanchez's goal to expand the score to 2-0. The data show that Arsenal Derek Roy Jersey, nearly 20 league home halftime 2-0 lead, won the game 19 times, the only exception is the March 2010 Tottenham 3 ball reversal. However Frederick Gaudreau Jersey, this time, the gunmen did not repeat the tragedy, relying on good defense to lock Derby, also extended the home winning streak to six games, the first since 2007-2008 season. Coupled with the last five league home games, cross-season streak into 11 games! Pochettino's view is the opposite, Tottenham coach said: "I'm very disappointed with our way of losing the ball. The problem is clear that when you lose the ball in this way, it is difficult to explain that the foul is not a foul, Goal is offside, maybe the second ball is also .Before that goal, we play better than the opponent.It is a huge mistake.Something to do with you, but this is football Cody Hodgson Jersey.For Swansea, but also Mike - Dean's miscarriage of justice Calle Jarnkrok Jersey. Zacha should receive the second yellow. Sometimes you feel disappointed, because the details of the small changed a lot.

Surman before the left-sided free kick

Le 22 November 2017, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0

Surman before the left-sided free kick into the restricted area, Wilson in front of padded burst Mesh scored twice, 2-0! Last half of the game, Francis received a second yellow card was sent off, Bournemouth only 10 people play. The first 70 minutes, Atelier front buckle Moore restricted left foot in the restricted area strong low breaking network, Bournemouth at home 3-0 lead. The first 84 minutes, Joshua - gold restricted area to attract two defensive players back to do, Wilson follow the right foot Tuishe break Anton Volchenkov Jersey, 4-0! Wilson completed the hat trick. The final 10 Bournemouth at home 4 ball over Huddersfield, get a raise of the gas Olli Jokinen Jersey. Denver pass, Kane's header offensive. The first 63 minutes, Ben-Davis left-sided pass, Erickson's long-range fly out the bottom line Ryan Johansen Jersey. The first 70 minutes, Sanchez left ribs cut inside the burst, the ball directly above the beam. The first 78 minutes, Llorente pass, Erickson's long-range was blocked Cech. The first 81 minutes, Ben-Davies cross from the left, Dell's header was again Cech resolve. In the end, Arsenal 2-0 Lectra Tottenham, won the victory of North London Derby. For the controversial goals, the professor said: "I do not know where the referee's penalty to us. I did not see the offside, the foul is a foul P.K. Subban Jersey. I can tell you a lot of our bad luck game. We play in the Premier League, people want Draw different conclusions: Nothing lasts forever in our work.

Wilson surrendered

Le 22 November 2017, 09:29 dans Humeurs 0

Wilson surrendered, Joshua - Kim behind, Pew and Ibi wings fly together, Artel and Surman sits midfield. Ha town, Debre Lei before the sudden, Kat Chunka and Fanpala wings fly together, Muy and Williams sits midfield. The first 26 minutes, Iby corner kick Craig Smith Jersey, Wilson leaps high in front of the head mallet net, 1-0! Bournemouth leads at home Viktor Stalberg Jersey. Sanchez pass, Lakacote restricted area left-wing volley cross the bar. A minute later, Kane broke into the restricted area on the left wing shot was Cech flapping. The first 33 minutes, Ben Davis - left pass, Eriksson low shot after the stop, the ball hit the left post column bottom line. A minute later, Moussa - Sissoko cross from the right, Keane header was cut Cech confiscated. 36 minutes Colin Wilson Jersey, Ozil free kick on the left pass, Mustafa Qiangdian header, the ball hit the left-hand column into the net, Arsenal 1 to 0 ahead of Tottenham. Arsenal beat Tottenham 2-0, the end of the league arena before the six-game Tottenham record-breaking, which of course allows gun fans happy. But take a look at the merits and demerits of the hero, perhaps gunpowder heart is not the taste. Sanchez, Ozil two "countdown" state of the collective outbreak of the thigh Eric Nystrom Jersey, which only let Arsenal somewhat chilling.

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